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2008 Photo Download (picasa, photobucket) I recently was taxed with downloading all the images in a album from Picasa Web. The options consisted of installing Picasa, clicking on each image to save or installing multiple Firefox Add-ons. I couldn't find a easy to use solution so I wrote a few lines of code that takes a rss feed for the album and downloads all of the images. There are two versions one for Picasa web and one for photobucket. Just download and in a shell type: picasadwnld rss_feed_url.
2005 Mathematica vs.
Matlab vs.
Using mathematical languages to solve real world problems can offer very different experiences. The results will be the same but using the wrong tool can cause undue work. Here I present a table of three different language solutions to the same problem; Calculating and displaying the Singular Value Decomposition of a set of Micoroarray experiments.
2005 Python as Matlab Python is often compared to Matlab and is sometimes described as a Matlab replacement. Maybe technically true but practically difficult since the installation process of Python (with required packages) is difficult. This describes that process and supplies a script to help.
2004 How long are movies? Some claim movies are getting longer while others claim shorter. Both sides have plenty of proof in small sample sizes but to truly answer the question one needs to look at a larger sample. To put an end to the discussion (and to prove my brother wrong) I used 174,934 movies from the the Internet Movie Database to prove no one wrong.
2004 Climbing in Thailand In the summer of 2004 I visited Thailand with the intent to explore and climb in what some have claimed to be a paradise.
1999 Self Organized Criticality simulation In the middle of the 90's there was a lot of rave in physics about a new theory to explain complex systems. The idea, according to its authors, could explain anything from earth quakes to population patterns. Since then the theory has fallen out of favor mainly for its lack of scientific value. But the idea is still interesting so here is a Java simulation written for a class in 1999 simulating sand piles.
1996 Coke collection Between 1988 and 1996 I actively collected Coke cans and glass-bottles. I still collect but more passively. Today I have a little over 250 unique cans.